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CTE 70A Mobility Scooter Controller
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►Standard pack: one controller only without any wirings or connectors

►Case Material: Die-cast aluminum

►applicable to be replacement for Dynamic Rhino 70A controller

►Motor Type: Permanent magnet DC brushed motor with a solenoid controlled motor park-brake

►Armature Resistance: 5mΩ ~ 510 mΩ

►Park Brake Output: 1.3A max

►Nominal Battery Voltage: 24V

►Operating Voltage: 16V ~ 34.5V

►Nominal Current Limit: 70A

►Continues Output Current: 28A(70A controller) at 25°C ambient temperature

►Neutral Current: <45mA at 24V

►Sleep/power off current: <2mA/1mA

►External Speed Control: 5kΩ linear potentiometer or 0~5V

►Forward/Reverse Control: Bi-directional (wigwag) or Single direction with Forward / Reverse switch

►Motor/Park Brake Connection: AMP 4-way 250 series

►Control Lead Connection: TKP P6657I-10F or equivalent

►Power Lead Connection: AMP 6-way 250 series

►Operating Temperature: -25℃~50℃

►Operating Humidity: 0~85% RH non-condensing

►Electromagnetic Compatibility: ISO7176-21

►Performance & Safety: a boot must be fitted over control lead connector to meet IPX4

►Dimension: 148 x 91 x 42.5 (mm)

►Weight: 580 g

An optional connection wiring (WA-06) can be offered to easily replace a Dynamic Rhino 70A controller (DS72K01) if required.

Connection wiring (WA-06): one side is a 8-pin terminal and the other is 10-pin (connected to the CTE controller).